After 10 years of schooling, during which a student receives supervised attention, he enters an intermediate program and is suddenly exposed to a totally new environment. Here the student is treated as an adult, given considerable latitude and asked to take responsibility of his career planning and actualization. Here, he lays the foundation for the professional career he aims to pursue later in his life. These two years in the college are therefore extremely important for his/her personality development and preparation for an arduous professional journey. The intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) program provides a general education in many aspects of Computer Science and Software Development. Computers have revolutionized the way we live today. Most facets of our lives depend, to a greater or lesser degree, on computers. From telephone systems to security systems, accounting to marketing, baby monitors to auto-pilot options, every industry, every household and every office is looking to ‘up grade’ itself by means of new technology and new software. This has invariably given rise to a high demand for computer scientists around the globe. The ICS program prepares students to become a part of this growing industry.


Description Amount
Admission / Annual Dues 7000
Security (Refundable) 3000
Monthly Fee 2000
Total 12000


Computer Lab


Mr. Malik Tariq Saeed

M.Phil Physics

Mr. Nasrullah Khan

M.Sc. Mathematics

Engr. Mansoor Zaman Khan


Engr. S. Kamal Zafar


Mr. Samar Shahab Khan

M.A Islamiat

Mr. M. Mobeen Anjum


Female Staff

Miss. Ambreen Muneer

M.Sc Physics

Miss. Javaria Nazeer

M.Sc Zoology

Miss. Samina Shakir

M.A English