B.Sc. Engineering Technology


B.Sc. Engineering Technology

Brief Introduction of this program is as under. In general the work of Engineering Technologist focuses on the applied and practical application of Engineering Principles, where as the work of Engineering emphasizes the theorerical aspects of scientific and Engineering priciples. The distinction between Engineering and Engineering Technology emanetes primarily from differences in their education program. Engineering program focus on theory, while Engineering Technology usually focus on its application. Graduate through this program is specialists of their concerned field, devoted to the inplementation of existing technology within a field of Engineering. A wide variety of jobs are available for the graduates on the portion of Technological Spectrum, closest of product improvement, manufacturing, construction and engineering operational functions.

Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Technology Mianwali offered DAE in four Disciplines


Mechanical Engineering Technology is the broadest of all Engineering disciplines. It is employed in virtually every kind of industry. Specialized laboratories are available with Institute for the application of studies to the creative solution of practical.


Electrical Engineering is concerned with basic forms of energy, that run our world whether, its goes hydro, turbine, fuel cell, Solar or Wind Energy. The Institute has well equipped labs for your brilliant future.


With the growth of population, new cities, towns and infrastructure etc, the need of Civil Engineers, Technologists and sub Engineers are increasing ultimately. To meet the future need we provide you great practical training atmosphere here.


A leading Technology of new era also called future of industrial growth is Chemical Technology. Here we offer you great opportunity for practical training, having specific labs.

Admission Critaria
  1. Domiciled from Punjab
  2. F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) / DAE(Relevant Discipline) scoring at least 60% marks in Examination
  3. Must appeared in UET specified Entry Test Aggregate at least 50% (70% (F.Sc./DAE) + 30% Entry Test).
  4. Student from the other Province may also apply if have requisite qualification and appeared in Entry Test / NTS (as the case may be)



List of Labs
Research & Development


Description Amount
Admission / Annual Dues 18900
Security (Refundable) 6500
Monthly Fee 6400
Total 31800