Mechanical Department


Mechanical Technology, often called mother of all other technologies is one the oldest branches of engineering. The industry has sustainable demand for mechanical engineers and technologists since last two centuries. Having wide range of disciplines as well as employment opportunities all over the world, mechanical engineers and skilled technologists are backbone of every industry. No industry can exist or survive with out them. Mechanical engineers create almost all technological devices that enable our modern way of life, from automobiles to machine tools, household appliances to cooling systems for electronic circuits. Course in Mechanical Technology develops skills in machine and tool design, thermodynamics hydraulics, materials, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Three-year course in Mechanical Technology provides extensive training on lathe, milling and shaper machines and CNC lathe/milling machine. Students get hands-on experience in welding technologies, foundry and woodwork.


Machine Shop-I



Program offer

  • B.Sc. Engineering Technology

  • DAE

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