Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) is a post secondary program of instructions in applied technologies. It includes regular studies having classroom lectures, workshop assignments, labs experiments, industrial projects and industrial tours. The usual program duration is three years. Industry largely depends on technicians for production, efficient maintenance, and backup support. An associate engineer can translate scientific knowledge for improved productivity. In Pakistan, The Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) awarded by PBTE Lahore. After successful completion of a Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) course, students can either continue further Engineering Studies (B.E., B.Tech) or get employment as supervisors, foremen, sales engineers, shift engineers, sub-engineers, senior draughtsmen, service station managers, auto engineers, agricultural overseers, chemical or gas plant operators, farm managers, junior instructors, workshop superintendents, etc

Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Technology Mianwali offered DAE in eight Disciplines
  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical
  3. Civil
  4. Chemical
  5. Computer Information Technolgy
  6. Telecommunation
  7. Instrumentation
  8. Electronics
Affiliated campus: PBTE Lahore


Description Amount
Admission / Annual Dues 7900
Security (Refundable) 3500
Monthly Fee 2000
Total 13400


Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab