Civil Department


The civil technology is concerned with designing and building construction projects including buildings, roads, dams, ports, tunnels and bridges. Civil engineers are first and foremost, the creators of our today’s world. They apply their talents to provide effective solutions to human needs: places to live, work and play, facilities for the provision of clean water, power and means of travel. The course gives you opportunity to study the specialized area of surveying. The program combines study of modern surveying, measuring techniques alongside aspects of construction, contract management and the responsibilities of an associate engineer. Civil technology covers a wide range of different areas of construction. This is an exciting polytechnic diploma course designed to provide you with relevant knowledge, skills and experience. This course is highly practical, with skills being developed by numerous hands-on surveying, construction, laboratory exercises, complementing the theory taught in the lectures. The course provides the knowledge of nature and strength of engineering materials, the characteristics of water flow and behaviour of beams and trusses. The basic skills of engineering drawing are developed and there is an introduction to use of computers, including Computer Aided Design (CAD). There are laboratory exercises and survey projects.


Surveying Lab


Program offer

  • B.Sc. Engineering Technology

  • DAE

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