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This century is age of communications. The whole world is interconnected by internet, mobile and fixed-line phone networks. Demand for broadband communication is increasing day by day. Video conferencing and especially video streaming is demanding very high speed telecommunication networks and techniques to transmit High Definition videos over internet and mobile phone networks. The telecommunication technology comprises many types of networks including: radio, satellite, cable, infra red, optical fiber and microwave. Telecommunication and network technologies are crucial sectors of the worldwide digital information exchange. They involve highly complex designs, techniques and sophisticated equipment, requiring extensive study program at a fairly advance level. This course offers you an opportunity to study basic electronics circuits, digital & analog communication, types and techniques of different types of communication networks including internet, fixed-line and mobile communication networks. Particular attention is paid to the overgrowing field of telecommunications, especially line of sight systems, switching principles and communication planning. The course provides job opportunities for the graduates in both public and private sectors such as Pakistan Railways, Cellular Phone companies, Computer related companies, Goverment and Private TV channels, SUPRACO, PTCL and many other organizations


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